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We come from different culture. We have own diverse specialization. But combining in a system, we make the synergistic power. We fit together. We move together. Every single cogwheel counts. To get the initiatives into gear.


Dentsu One was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Dentsu Inc. and Neko Creative. With only one Japanese client at the beginning, we have quickly emerged to serve diversified clients ranging from multinational corporations to local companies.


Our mission is delivering different and better solutions with a vast of industry knowledge, innovative ideas accordingly good client relationships. Being part of Dentsu Aegis Network with over 110 offices across the globe, we leverage our core capabilities in communication design to offer clients a global analysis with strong local insight.  


We provide an integrated communication design ranging from corporate/management-level strategies to the planning and implementation of marketing communication activities.


• Branding Solutions assist clients with all phases of brand building cycle – from strategic consulting to creative development, to evaluation and feedback for further growth.

• Cross Media Solutions backed by state – of – the – art research and analysis technologies and detailed data on consumers and the media, ensure that each client’s message is communicated with maximum efficiency and impact.

• Content Marketing Services transform epic events – such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup – into premium opportunities for our clients to reach their audiences in powerful new ways.

• Marketing Solutions present a diverse range of other professional solutions in field such as marketing research, sales promotion, public relations, investor relations, events and e-solutions. 


Dentsu One delivers ideas that not only impress, but also offers solutions to each and every communication problem. We can bring best communication solutions to different clients, both international and local ones, in diversified categories, from FMCG to automobile and technology.  


Being youthful, but mature in experience. 

Comes from different culture, but have the same passion

Believing in teamwork, but continue to applaud individual achievement.

We were built to work seamlessly together to find the optimal solution for our clients.

Andy Soong Kok Leong
Executive Creative Director
Nguyen Viet Hoc
Executive Director
Toshinori Aoki
Yoshiho Fujisawa
General Director / CEO
Vo Van Ha
Deputy General Director
Vu Thi Doan Trang
Executive Officer

Together we are 23,000 people in five continents, across 24 time zones, pioneering and delivering the most effective brand, media and digital communications, solutions for our clients

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Dentsu Aegis Network’s Vision is ‘Innovating the way brands are built’ and our offering is to be ‘different and better’ in a market defined by Globalisation and Convergence. Globalisation, where advertisers need to evaluate different markets and regions to judge where future growth will come from and prioritise their resources accordingly and Convergence; which has swept away geographic and technological borders. Our Vision, ‘Innovating the way brands are built’ unites us as one organisation, focused on delivering first-class results and is underpinned by a clear set of values and behaviours that guide us in everything we do. Sharing the same values and acting as one cohesive organisation will enable us to grow our business globally, by ensuring that our global clients enjoy a consistent experience regardless of the market. Our clients and employees increasingly ask us what we stand for, how we think and what makes us different and better – our values help answer these questions.
Our values define what is important to us and how we do business. They are a shared set of beliefs, which drive our behaviour and bind us together beyond individual brands and geographies. As Dentsu Network and Aegis Media came together to create Dentsu Aegis Network, we engaged with our people to identify the values which made sure we retained the best of our collective heritages, created the opportunities to collaborate with Dentsu Inc. and would be critical to the successful delivery of our new vision. Our values are:
we need to be nimble, quick and flexible, thinking and acting differently
we’re innovative, risk-taking self starters, building an industry legacy
we have a trail-blazing and inquisitive culture where relentlessness and hunger are rewarded
we take individual and collective responsibility for our thoughts and actions
we work together globally to deliver a consistent brand experience and partner together locally to provide the best client solution
Our values permeate Dentsu Aegis through our behaviour both as individuals and companies. They determine how we work in partnership and through wider collaboration, how we approach our relationships internally, with existing clients and how we win new business. They also influence the way we hire new people, develop employees, review performance, evaluate reward and achieve promotion.